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[60 Day Paleo Challenge] Breakfast Day 1

by on Aug.06, 2012, under 60 day paleo challenge, crossfit, La vida del Nahual

Meal: Scrambled eggs with bacon and vegetables

Time to cook: Took me 10 minutes (I didn’t prepare much sunday I was busy buying everything)

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paleo diet menu on Outback restaurant

by on Jun.04, 2012, under crossfit, La vida del Nahual

Last night I went to Outback steak house, by far is one of my favorite restaurants but due to me being on strict paleo diet it can be hard. Sunday is my usual “cheat day” or “carb it up” day, which is OK but I found myself trying to eat paleoish anyway, so I took upon myself “how would I paleo here?” and although I know some people like sweet potato fries I’m not a fan so that was not an option.

As the waiter was taking my order I asked for my 2 sides I said:

– “Can I just have 2 house salads?”

I’ve never asked before as most of the time it’s not an option but tried it anyway, he smiled and said “Sure” he even asked if I wanted both before the meat or one before and one with the meat, said before was ok and olive oil and vinegar (red wine) for dressing.

I thought “OK I got this” I ordered the “Outback special” (7oz) medium rare and just wondered “how the HECK I’m going to get the good fats?”. Now it might just be me, but having the good fats is the hard part of the paleo part, wat dinner and said “I can just drive home and eat there some almonds” but as I was getting the check I asked “Do you have any almonds?” the waiter looked at me and said “let me check on the back” and came back 3 minutes with a handfull of almonds! sliced and all, in a nice little small container.

So yes, it is possible to paleo at outback, that was a fast and easy way to do it!

Until the next time….

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Crossfit an account of my personal experience

by on Feb.15, 2012, under crossfit, La vida del Nahual, Que pedo con esto

If you are looking for a review that actually says how much crossfit changed my life, how is a lifestyle, how fun and great it is, you might be a bit disappointed. There are enough posts about that, so feel free to read those, this post is to finally put my thoughts and influence that crossfit has done and give out warnings and tips.

I usually don’t talk about my private life online, but I believe this should change and even better would put the point across of what I’m saying. Anyway you might not agree with this, comments are welcome I don’t have the complete truth but this are my thoughts on crossfit.

Yes, I’m a crossfit head (crossfit-freak) and honestly I’m probably one of the archetypes that drives people AWAY from crossfit, why? I was born with a tumor in my left foot, which technically (according only to 9 out of 10 doctors) stops me from being able to run and do hard activities, so when I was a child I was turned into swimming by my parents, I was for more than 5 years national champion in various categories in Mexico, and going to nationals and swimming 22 km daily was my life (train from 5am to 7am, shower go to school then go back form 6pm to 8pm 5 days a week) after qualifying and having good times and seeing someone else get taken to the olympics (with worse times) my friends and I burned out and left, which took me to take 2 years of gymnastics, in which I ended up in 13th place in my second year at the nationals, then I took rock climbing. I’m not bullshitting or going into an ego trip, I can honestly say in every sport I’ve tried I strive to be the best, it’s exactly what I was taught “be THE best, in ANYTHING but the BEST”.

(continue reading…)

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Crossfit and Climbing

by on Jul.24, 2011, under crossfit, Escalada, La vida del Nahual

I’ve been getting in shape for Denali, is a long  target but is a good target, so first I bought a bunch of books, made sure I knew the routes and also trained correctly.

As I started with the extremely good book “Extreme Alpinism” from Mark F. Twight I realized one thing: “I HATE running”, yes I do hate it, the caps are there for the exact reason, it doesn’t mean I’m bad at it (I don’t consider 9 minute miles bad altho my trainer does 6 minute miles) it just means I’m not really fond of it, but I’m used to it already.

I’ve been adding my trainings to the website, but then realized this are so ever changing it would make no sense to keep adding them (you can still find them at Peter Nguyen’s Blog) and at the beginning I was (I have to admit) a bit skeptical on how crossfit would affect my climbing performance, specially since on climbing they are usually not fond of having a lot of muscle and crossfit ends up putting muscles on you.

I kept going and climbing a bit here and there but stayed out of climbing as I’m training 5 days a week, so no serious climbing for a bit over a month, then a beginner class on climbing from Urban Diversion came along and I signed up for kicks, my climbing changed immensely, I had no problem on a ceiling or pulling myself on overhangs and at the end, everyone including the instructor were out of breath but me.

I believe this is a better and new way to train for climbing, most climbing books or climbers go and do the same thing over and over, but then your muscles (and mind) get used to that specific training so you are not really pushing yourself physically or mentally, which I believe is important.

Summer is here and is a GORGEOUS summer for climbing, why? well mornings are cold and afternoons are not so hot, and you wonder why that is gorgeous? Well try to climb at 100ºF or so, impossible your hands are all wet, chalk won’t help at all, but in this weather is just awesome, so next week I’m thinking on going there for couple of days, finding a climbing partner and climb or at least roam around yosemite take a bunch of pictures.

So my advise to you is, if you are serious about improving your climbing, do crossfit.

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