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bash.org: Slow missile

by on Sep.03, 2010, under bash.org

thefinalcutter83: According to CNN.com: “Iranian missile may be able to hit U.S. by 2015.”
SpaceInvader455: That’s one slow fuckin missile.

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bash.org ! XD

by on Dec.03, 2009, under bash.org, Que pedo con esto

* Vesper is now known as CodyB
<Teku> why the nick change?
<CodyB> I’m teaching this hot chick how to use IRC
<xanatos> …why
<CodyB> I got grounded for two weeks and I can’t call anyone. I figured I could talk to her here, at least.
<CodyB> be cool, I’m teaching her about channels and she might come in here
<xanatos> how did you get grounded
<CodyB> I locked my sister outside for three hours.
<xanatos> i bet she didnt like that
* StacyF has joined #randomshit
<CodyB> yeah I thought my parents were going to kill me
<CodyB> oh hey, there you are
<Teku> So you had sex with your sister on your parents bed and they walked in on you? Wow Cody, you’re lucky you only got grounded for two weeks.
<StacyF> eeew you sick fuck
* StacyF has left #randomshit
<Teku> I know you’re going to kill me later, but it was so worth it
<CodyB> you motherfucker

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Saturday night band practice

by on Sep.06, 2009, under bash.org, La vida del Cepillo, Que pedo con esto

Bueno, pues ayer hubo ensayo de nuevo de la banda, terminamos a las frescas 4AM y eso porque ya sinceramente dijimos “ahora si nos la rayan los vecinos” estuvo bastante tranquilo, de hecho hasta hicimos un desmadroso intento de tributo a michael jackson con una cancion sacada ahi mismo de la de Beai It.

Tengo que conseguir el video de Angel bailando para que se comprenda el castre, en fin al parecer andamos de nuevo tranquilos y moviendonos como debe de ser.

Dejo una cita textual perfecta de bash.org:

ian: I’ve remembered the password….
ian: felt like Gandalf stood outside Moria
ian: uttering every password I could remember from the last 5 years

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Sabadin de huevita

by on Aug.15, 2009, under bash.org, La vida del Nahual, Que pedo con esto

Pues bueno, hoy es un mega dia de hueva, he jugado un rato y me levante tarde, he estado platicando con una personita especial, pero creo que no se podra coenctar durante una semana por motivos raro que no quiso decirme jajajaja

En fin, ya veremos que pex, en el inter les dejo este hermoso quote de bash.org:

<ianazza> jay you know if im wireless yeh
<ianazza> well my son has broke his linksyst wirless adaptor
<ianazza> can he use a usb memory stick while he gets a new adaptor#
<JayR> a memory stick for what?
<ianazza> to go wirless
<JayR> a memory stick os for storing files on
<ianazza> well to get on net
<JayR> a memory stick is a memory stick m8
<ianazza> Oh i thoguht you cud use it as a flash drive or watever to get on net
<ianazza> using my wireless connection
<JayR> he in same house?
<ianazza> yeh
<JayR> he got a wireless dongle?
<ianazza> no he broke it
<JayR> no then
<ianazza> ok ta
<JayR> hows the wireless signal gonna get to his pc without a wireless card ot dongle?
<ianazza> thought you could save the wireless connection to usb memeory stick put it in his comp and presto
<JayR> £aughing My Âss Õff
<JayR> no m8


<USMarine> if someone +v’s me, how do I talk?
<USMarine> i have the mic plugged in obviously
<USMarine> do i have to push a button or something

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