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[BJJ Journal] Shrimping

by on Aug.26, 2013, under La vida del Nahual

So today was a “got back into the rolling” day, first I’m SUPER excited, there is a tournament I believe on Sept 7th and I’m going for it, I might get tapped out so fast I’ll be like “WTF just happened” but I don’t care is experience.

So today we started working with someone on the back, for me it was really hard not to muscle stuff, I’m trying to work on not using my strength but gather technique, unfortunately I’m a very offensive kinda guy, so I always end up trying a submission (contrary to all the great advice in http://www.bullshido.net/forums/showthread.php?t=108818) today was not different I tried .. the gogoplata

Yes I’m THAT fucking stupid, I almost made it work too, the blue belt must have tought “Wait WTF? is he REALLY trying a gogoplata?” so I think it was more of a shock that I managed to half do it, but it felt weird and not fluid so I stopped and tried to work on my defense, he immediately took over got me with a nice choke.

After that it was my turn to be on his back, well I defended as much as I could but nope he moved fast as hell and ended up in side mount and I just said “how the fuck do I defend this?” after trying 2 minutes everything I could think of, so what happened?

Blue belt sat up and said “shrimp, here let me teach you” and he showed me and I practice and got back on it, I shrimped and started to work hardcore and tried again something and got tapped out 😛 (again!)

Then I got to roll with a kid, I got (kid you not) probably 70 pounds on the kid, so I was really terse and let him roll me and try to armbar me, he did an AWESOME defense on his guard I was like “holy shit! this kid is bad ass!” so I pulled back and did the same technique the blue belt did to me (Pro Tip, if someone passes your guard, take a mental snapshot of WTF just happened and try to reproduce) and got into side mount, now I’m heavy as fuck so he just looked at me like “gorgeous now WTF” so I told him “shrimp” and let him do it couple of times, dude ended up moving me and grabbing my arm and arm baring me, I could have muscled it out but that is a douchebag move and tapped out.

I for one LOVE the environment and everything about Team Santos

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[BJJ Journal] First day on Team Santos

by on Aug.13, 2013, under La vida del Nahual

Well, this is a new spin on this blog, I’m changing this into my BJJ Journal is as personal as it will get 😛

So I looked into BJJ after a lot of time, my first encounter with BJJ (or JJ but I’m sure it was BJJ) was around 18 years ago while I was still in college. I was training Muay Thai and we entered a tournament and this kid with a gi and a white belt entered too I remember laughing and saying “a while belt? well don’t mind if he kick his ass” when my turn came he fastly anckle locked me, I’ve never felt so much pain and gave up, it shook me to the point of stopping training Muay Thai thinking “WTF just happened? I’ve never seen that kinda shit” 

So now I found the Team Santos school (www.teamsantos.com) and it was amazing, it took 3 triangle chokes and other armbar but I learned a lot, I learned the “upa” and tried myself a few chokes and an arm bar (all failed) but I had a blast and the team there is amazing everyone was awesome.

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