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[AIM SPAM] pinkaryana2 spam: This one can’t even read what you write! #FAIL

by on Mar.28, 2012, under Encabronamientos, failblog, La vida del Nahual

Now this one is one for the ages, most script readers actually READ what you write, but this one was completely oblivious of it, it was between hilarious and just wondered if this person actually READ ENGLISH (sounds like they don’t they just wait until they see something and just type)

The hilarity ensues:

8:36 heya!

8:37 heyas

lia burger
8:37 hey there. 23 femaIle heree.. u???

8:37 32 male here :]

lia burger
8:37 hmmm. have wee chattted be4?

8:37 nope not that I remember

lia burger
8:37 ohhh okk sorrry i wasn’t surre im aIways meeeting new peoppIe. anywaysz.. what is up?

8:38 just chillin’ watchingt the game drinkin’ a bud

lia burger
8:38 im sooooooo bored… i have somme pics on my proffiIe on this webssite if you want 2 see?

8:39 only if you are not reading from a script and will have to put you in my blog with the other spammers that try to send me to a site and either clickjack me, register or anything on the sort.
8:39 if you are not one of those people
8:39 I’m game, no problem

lia burger
8:39 http://referer.us/6/b1dNB3 jusst go theree annd make a frree profilIe

8:40 there you go, I love how you people don’t even read

lia burger
8:40 you havve to signupp causee i have some nude picttures on theere so the sitte makes sure u r ovr 18 b4 u can see themm

8:40 chinese? from india? or which country i wonder

lia burger
8:40 and don’t worrry it iss 100% freeee i promiise. mk?

8:40 definitely sounds like the other 3 scammers
8:40 check www.tumamafuemia.ogr
8:40 org*
8:40 you will be there
8:40 got a screenshot of your info and all so ppl know you are spamming with this username
8:40 nice try, no cigar
8:41 at least the last one actually READ what i was writting

lia burger
8:41 when you geet signnedd up and lIogged in theen search for my profiiIe itts “ashji113″

8:41 #FAIL
8:41 LoL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8:41 Worse script reader EVER

lia burger
8:41 my passswoord for my private gaIIery is “jjash113″ if u wantt 2 see my nudee piics

8:41 LoL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lia burger
8:41 brb phonne caIlI.

8:41 LoL!!!!!!!
8:41 suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure Mr bot
8:41 allow me to say
8:41 you fail
8:41 BAD

Allow me to say .. #FAIL .. LoL!!! is sooooo funnyyyy LoL!!!!!!

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[AIM SPAM] foxiexkellyz instant #FAIL

by on Mar.26, 2012, under failblog, La vida del Nahual, Que pedo con esto

Well so I got again contacted on my AIM and this amazing conversation happened:

6:24 hey

6:25 ?

carly wood
6:25 heyoo… wanna chat wiht a pissed off single girl?

6:25 not if you going to write from a script and I’ll have to block you and add you to the blog where I screen capture and detail the account and email used for the spam
6:26 if you are really a girl
6:26 sure
6:26 talk away :]
6:28 guess not … #FAIL check www.tumamafuemia.org to see yourself fail hard! woop woop!

The AIM account is foxiexkellyz, man this script readers are worse and worse everyday … not even fun anymore oh well … BLOCK BLOCK BLOCK!!!!

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